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As a woman-owned company, we tap on our unique combination of experts—HVAC and chiller mechanics, building automation system specialists, certified energy managers, and IT specialists to bring robust solutions to the clients we serve.

What We Do

Our ultimate goal is to optimize a building and help clients save money. Optimizing a building should be a continuous journey. Similar to human life, a building’s life is always changing and evolving. Age is not the only factor in determining whether a building runs at it’s peak performance.

Our Building Life Coaching® refers to helping manage the “now” of a building’s issues, while planning and executing the needed services and upgrades along the way.

The strategy behind how a building provides tempered air to a space is what we focus on. Air Temperature in a space is vital to occupancy comfort, but it is also the most expensive aspect in a building, especially in Texas. There are also infinite approaches to achieving and maintaining energy savings while still providing conditioned air.

We work with our client’s budgets to maximize what they have in a budget they are comfortable staying within. No two customers or two buildings are the same.

Not every building has the opportunity to replace every piece of old HVAC equipment. Smartly controlling spend of an antiquated system is usually the approach needed to implement long term organizational success.

We have 4 different divisions that help provide boots on the ground support for supporting our clients:

Building Automation Systems

Retrofitting and integration of antiquated technology
Once a Building Automation system is no longer supported, we believe you don’t need to “rip out and replace everything”.  We have solutions that allow you to use as much of your building automation systems as possible.

• Honeywell and Johnson Controls Dealer
• Tridium Certified Technician

Servicing current system
Until a system is antiquated, we recommend upkeep of what you have as long as feasible and meeting the facility need.

Demand Response Programming and Implementation
We utilize building automation system components as well as add additional sensors if required, to maximize demand response results.

HVAC Services

Specializing in servicing all types of HVAC equipment including chillers, boilers, packaged units, pumps, air handling units


IT Services

We specialize in network installation, security, and infrastructure upgrades. 


Energy Related Rebates and Incentives

CPS Energy has a ton of great rebate and incentive offerings.  We work to provide our clients the most comprehensive utilization of funding! 

Demand Response Planning and Implementation. 

Demand Response occurs during the peak hot months, June-September.  Clients get paid by CPS Energy for cutting their demand for a few hours. 

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