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Building Systems

It takes compassion to truly learn, empower, and lead. As a Building Life Coach®, we learn about our clients’ needs, empower them with expert advice, and lead them through the process of optimizing building performance.

The term Building Life Coach describes our team’s approach to optimizing building performance. We don’t start with a solution for you, such as new equipment. Instead, we analyze your building(s) today, learn where you’re going, and help you with the right solutions to help you get there.

Many of our customers have up-to-date equipment, but its performance falls short of its potential. Oftentimes, our experts can optimize that building’s performance without major system upgrades. Other buildings do need new equipment, from add-ons to a complete overhaul. We will only sell you what you need.

Creator of Solutions

“I feel like if we focus solely on doing the right thing, the right things will happen.” Shannon Mills, founder and owner

As a woman-owned company, we tap into our unique combination of experts—mechanical engineers, HVAC and chiller mechanics, building automation system specialists, certified energy managers, and IT specialists—to bring robust and appropriate solutions to the clients we serve.

I started BLCCS after realizing I was a misfit at other companies. For awhile I tried to avoid that reality, but it’s clear: I was meant to help people make their buildings better, not sell them equipment. With MBA and mechanical engineering degrees, I know my stuff, but the term I coined, “Building Life Coach” conveys best how this company works: we’re here to optimize buildings for our long-term customers, whether that’s getting them into the CPS programs or doing design/build projects for them.

Here’s a story I like that motivated me in the past: a small frog decided to climb to the top of the tallest tree. Her cohorts gathered around to watch, saying she’d never make it, the tree was too tall, and she was too small. As she climbed, they continued their chatter, then began yelling at her that she wouldn’t make it. All the while, she kept climbing, climbing, until she reached the top. Her secret?

She was deaf.


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We’re a building optimization company at heart.

We serve customers who need optimization—proper maintenance, tuning, and upgrading—of their facilities. Through their investment with BLCCS our customers enjoy lower energy costs, better building performance, and more comfortable spaces.

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