We Create

Smarter Buildings

BLCCS is a unique and dynamic consulting and contracting firm with a single mission: to empower you to achieve optimal building performance through greater efficiency and increased functionality.

Our Services

We do just a few things, and we do them really well. We specialize in building automation systems, HVAC and mechanical services, real-time energy management, and IT solutions. We deploy our  dedicated team of world-class professionals, powered by cutting-edge technology, education, and experience, to solve bad-building problems.


We specialize in retrofitting antiquated and underperforming building automation systems.


We specialize in optimizing high-level, complex central plants.


We specialize in network installation, security, and infrastructure.


We specialize in connecting you with rebates and incentives that save you money.

Our Mission & Values

We collaborate with you and advocate for you to reduce overall energy costs and improve building performance and comfort throughout the life cycle of your building. In a complex and rapidly changing market, there has never been a better time to have an expert by your side.

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